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Taekwondo Programs

Our Taekwondo Programs are divided into groups. Each program consists of a warm-up and stretching routine, fundamentals of Taekwondo, a constructive workout to achieve goals, structure, character building (respect, responsibility etc.), and a refreshing cool-down.

Little Lions Program (ages 4-6 years old):

The Little Lions program fosters children who are between the ages of 4 and 6. Within their 30 minute class, which is offered 5 times a week, children learn fighting stances, proper attention, basic techniques, simple board breaking, beginning Tae Kwon Do terms, blocking, bowing, and knowledge of the history of Tae Kwon Do (i.e. where is started). Students in this program are required to earn 3 tips (yellow, blue, and red) in order to be eligible for the Yellow Belt Promotion Testing.  A review test of all previous requirements and the first form Pal Gae Il Jang- Providence of the Universe #1, along with good spirit is required prior to testing.


Junior Program (ages 7-12 years old):

The Junior program focuses on students who are between the ages of 7 and 12. They study the martial art fundamentals: Forms, free sparring, and breakfalls.  Tip testing is essential in the color belt process; students must attend 8 classes in or to obtain their 1st tip, where the requirements include basic stances and forms. Furthermore, students are asked to attend another 8 classes to earn their 2nd tip, where the requirements include basics, striking techniques, and one steps. Once a student has earned two tips, Master Smith will grant permission to test for the next belt rank. Students must apply for new belt colors prior to testing dates, which are held approximately once a month. Once achieved, the journey begins at Yellow Belt, to Orange, to Green, to Blue, to Purple (where essays begin), to Brown, to Red, to Red/Black, and finally Black Belt. Each color belt has a curriculum and the handbook states what each mandates. Universal commands, counting, general terms, techniques, and courteous phrases are integrated.

Adult Program (ages 13 years old and older):

The adult program is very similar to that of the Junior Program in terms of belt requirements. The course curriculum is a bit more intense. The study of Taekwondo is not just about strengthening our body, but our mind and spirit as well. Within the adult program, students become a complete martial artist, while appreciating not only new physical skills, but the purpose of the history. Individuals are willing to take on new and innovative challenges not only as a student, but leader as well to the young. During this level, students must trust oneself and learn to guide throughout the process.

**See our schedule for specific class times**