Cardio Kickboxing

Mixed Martial Arts





Ms. Rosemary Carrere, 3rd Dan

My name is Rosemary Carrere and I am a third degree black belt with S.M. Smith’s Martial Arts School. I am also an Instructor for Taekwondo and Cardio Kickboxing. I have been training at the school for over 5 years now. I enjoy TKD, cardio kickboxing, and combat training and helping others accomplish their goals. I am working towards my fourth degree black belt.  Martial arts has taught me to never give up, believe in myself, and to reach for my highest potential. 

Mr. Josh Greear, 1st Dan

Hi, my name is Josh Greear.  I am currently a 1st Degree Black Belt under Master Smith. I have been training at S. M. Smith's Martial Arts for four years.  I am a police officer and have been so for the past 11 1/2 years.  I am married and a step son who is a First Poom Black Belt under Master Smith.  I enjoy training with Master Smith not only in Tae Kwon Do, but in cardio kickboxing as well.  Outside of the Dojang, I like to play sports, fish and camp with the family.  I am looking forward to continuing my training with Master Smith to reach my highest potential.

  Mr. Jimi Miller, 2nd Dan
  Mr. Justin Harinarine, 2nd Dan