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S. M. Smith Martial Arts School was formed in June of 2001 after its founder, Master Scott M. Smith.  The martial arts school started with only a couple of students.  It was during this time that Master Smith was working construction, attending college, and trying to build his dream: a martial arts school. 

After four years of hard work Master Smith's dream became a reality.  He gave his two weeks notice to his boss at his construction job so that he could put all of his dedication into the S. M. Smith's Martial Arts School.  

The Martial Arts School has accumulated over two hundred students within the years and it keeps growing daily.  Master Smith believes that he impacts lives for the good. He is a leader who teaches students discipline, good mannerism, courage, self-defense, and how to live a healthier life style. 

If you are interested in trying a Free Trial Class, please call (440) 327-KICK or e-mail us at smsmithmartialarts@hotmail.com