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Getting Started

Getting started in Taekwondo may seem like an overwhelming task. Having heard about or seen those amazing splits kicks, board breaking punches and sky high leaps, nobody can blame the beginner for feeling a little intimidated. The first thing to remember when starting out is that you will be learning Taekwondo one step at a time.

A basic beginner’s class will contain only moves that are well within your reach so you don't have to worry about being able to do the advanced techniques for quite a while yet. Here at S.M Smith Martial Arts School we always offer a FREE trial class. So whether you are younger or older, beginner or advanced, it is recommended that you try a class out before making any commitments. The good news is the fact that we have many class times accessible to meet your needs.

Please check out our schedule to find a day and time that works for your and your family. Once you decide, call 440-327-KICK to make an appointment. Once the trial is complete, we’ll take it to the next step to meet again and go over the programs and prices offered and determine what program best suits you.